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Using the FrontLine bookmark panel

Provided that you are using a JavaScript-enabled browser, FrontLine gives you the ability to store a list of support pages that are most important to you. These pages can be quickly accessed anywhere on the site by hovering over your user name at the top of the page. These links are also displayed on the Go homepage for quick access as soon as you login.

The bookmark edit panel can be accessed by choosing "Edit Bookmarks" in the flyout that appears when you hover over your user name.

Adding Bookmarks

If a page is free from bookmarking restrictions, it can be added to your bookmark list. Click "Bookmark this Page" to bring up the bookmark panel with the title of the page pre-filled. You can keep this title if you like, or change it to something more meaningful. When you are happy with your title, click the "Submit" button to add the bookmark to your list.

Editing Bookmarks

If you aren't happy with the title of a bookmark, change it by using the flyout menu under your user name and choose "Edit Bookmarks". In the panel, choose "Edit" next to the item you wish to change and enter a new title. Submit the changes to save them.

Deleting Bookmarks

Choose "Delete" in the bookmark edit panel to remove it from your list.

Navigating with Bookmarks

To follow a bookmark, hover over your username to show the flyout panel. Simply click on the link. These links are also displayed on the Go homepage.

Bookmark Restrictions

In some cases, a page cannot be bookmarked and you will receive a status message with the explanation. The most common reasons a page cannot be bookmarked are:

  • The page is already in your list.
  • The page is a multipart form, or is dependant on input from another page.
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