Release Notes

DevEnterprise 18.03

April 3, 2018

What’s New

DevEnterprise 18.03 changes include the following:

  The mainframe component for DevEnterprise Release 18.03 is now installed as part of Enterprise Common Components (ECC) Release 17.02. Be sure to apply all current maintenance.

  Updated all mainframe connections to use TCP/IP communications

  Removed support for Code Coverage, Connection Manager, Editor, and File Transfer

Software and Hardware Requirements

Refer to the DevEnterprise Mainframe Installation and Configuration Guide for software and hardware requirements.

Technical Notes

  Compuware Program Analyzer and DevEnterprise cannot exist on the same machine.

  This release converts existing HCI connections in the database to TCPIP connections and adds a code page to TCPIP connections. Note the following:

-- When converting existing HCI connections to TCPIP, the first port number found in an existing TCPIP connection is used. If no TCPIP connections are found, 12170 is used as a default value. This may or may not be correct and should be reviewed by the user.

-- For existing TCPIP connections, which now require a code page, the first code page encountered in an existing HCI connection is used. If none exist, ASCII/EBCDIC is used as a default value. This may or may not be correct and should be reviewed by the user.

  A Google Chrome security update prohibits viewing of WebHelp when the help is deployed locally from a file server (as opposed to a Web server). Attempting to view locally deployed help displays a blank help window. Compuware suggests that online help be viewed using Internet Explorer. Alternatively, Chrome's security feature can be turned off by launching Chrome with the command line option --allow-file-access-from-files. This method should only be used when opening local WebHelp that you trust.

  For DB2 Connect V10 (and later) support, add the following statement to the collector_DB2.cfg file directly after the driver= parameter:

  It is recommend that a SQL Server Maintenance Plan be created to reorganize the database indexes. This will rebuild the indexes so that the data is no longer fragmented. Fragmented data can cause SQL Server to perform unnecessary data reads, slowing down SQL Server's performance.

  If you encounter a problem opening a PDF, you may be using an unsupported version of the Adobe Reader. Access the Adobe website and download the most current version.

  A Microsoft security update (#896358) prohibits the viewing of compiled HTML help files (those with a .CHM file extension) across a network drive, including from the installation browser. Attempting to do so leads to an “Action Cancelled” or similar message. Microsoft issued a workaround that allows all .CHM help files to be viewable (see Alternatively, you can copy the .CHM file(s) to a local drive. However, the copied help will not launch from within the product (for example, from the Help menu or the Help button on dialog boxes) so you would need to launch the files from your local drive.

Known Issues

This section describes known issues related to the current release of DevEnterprise.

Incorrect Registry Entry

Sometimes a prior faulty install or uninstall can leave an incorrect registry entry.

Symptom: When you start the install or upgrade, the target folder for program files is blank.


1. Cancel the install.

2. Click the Start button and type run. The Run dialog box appears.

3. Type regedit. The Registry Editor appears. Do one of the following to edit the registry.

-- For 32 bit machines, remove key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Compuware\priorXpediterDeventerprise and all subordinate keys.

-- For 64 bit machines, remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Compuware\priorXpediterDeventerprise and all subordinate keys.

4. Restart the install or upgrade.