Release Notes

Xpediter/Code Coverage 17.02

April 3, 2018

Quantify the Thoroughness of Your Testing Efforts

Xpediter/Code Coverage is an advanced analysis tool that clearly and easily identifies how much of an application has or has not been executed. Code Coverage helps identify the percent of code executed for single or multiple programs, for one test or for multiple tests run over time, and from a high-level management view down to a single line of code.

Code Coverage works in conjunction with Compuware’s mainframe test and debugging tools Xpediter/CICS and Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS. As you perform your testing, Code Coverage keeps track of what parts of your code have been exercised and what parts have not. The results generated by Code Coverage can be displayed, analyzed, and output using Xpediter/DevEnterprise and Compuware Program Analyzer. You can also output detailed reports directly from Code Coverage on the mainframe. Code Coverage/Eclipse is the modernized GUI for Xpediter/Code Coverage that runs within Compuware Topaz Workbench. With it, users can create reports detailing testing efficiency and risk metrics for mainframe COBOL, PL/I, and High Level Assembler programs.

What’s New in Release 17.02

Compuware is pleased to announce the Xpediter/Code Coverage Release 17.02, including the following enhancements:

April 3, 2018
Support for CMSC PARMLIB “Simple Deploy”

Installers want to avoid customizing CLIST, REXX, or ISPF panels, so Code Coverage has implemented Compuware’s CMSC PARMLIB “Simple Deploy” feature. You can configure the CMSC PARMLIB member DDSN nnnn (initial default is DDSN00, or the specified default in your site’s CMSC start-up) with the DDNAMEs and DATASET NAMEs of all Compuware products, such as File-AID, Xpediter/TSO, Abend-AID, etc. A template DDSN00 member can be found in the Enterprise Common Components (ECC) SLCXCNTL library. This implementation requires ECC Release 17.02 with all current maintenance applied . Please refer to the Enterprise Common Components Installation and Configuration Guide for more information about using this feature.

April 3, 2017
Embedded Source Support

Compuware Shared Services (CSS) can now provide Embedded Source Support (ESS), allowing DDIO information to be stored directly in a program’s load module. For more information, see the Enterprise Common Components Release Notes .

Since Release 3.1
Features & Functionality

  Remove E* and U* flags from non-optimized COBOL programs.

  New Report Type, “I - Annotated with Implied”.

  Add ability to delete System Flow records using the Last Updated Date field.

  Add API interface to the Compuware Workbench / Topaz.

  For the Flagging Utility, the “Base” and “Current” listing fields now handle up to 9 digits.

Currency Support

  Support for Enterprise COBOL 4.1

  Support for Enterprise COBOL 5.1

  Support for Enterprise COBOL 5.2

  Support for Enterprise COBOL 6.1

  Support for Enterprise PL/I 4.3

  Support for Enterprise PL/I 4.4

  Support for Enterprise PL/I 4.5

  Support for Enterprise PL/I 5.1

July 1, 2016
Installation & Customization
Support for CMSC PARMLIB

Compuware provides the Compuware Mainframe Services Controller (CMSC) facility to centralize common parameter library services. This facility will replace the options specified in previous releases in the Configuration Module and the parameters specified at Code Coverage startup.

Features & Functionality

  Added filters to CICS Code Coverage Test Definition (C.1) and Specification Archive (C.2) screens for System Name, Test Identifier and Owner.

  Global Override Option FILTDEFU=YES will prime the Owner filter with the UserID of the user, FILTDEFU=NO will prime the Owner filter with asterisks.

Currency Support

  IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V5.1

Software and Hardware Requirements

The Software and Hardware Requirements can be found in the Xpediter/Code Coverage Installation and User Guide.

Technical Notes

There are no technical notes at this time.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.