Release Notes

Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS 17.02

April 1, 2019

The Industry Leader for Maintaining Reliable, High Quality Batch and IMS Applications

Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS is the premier product choice for interactive, source-level testing of COBOL, Assembler, C, and PL/I programs. Xpediter provides an easy method for testing and debugging IMS/DC programs as they execute in a message region. Programmers avoid the complexity and limitations associated with debugging in IBM’s BTS (Batch Terminal Simulator).

With Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS, you can interactively analyze and test at the source level to understand how batch programs process data and logic. Programmers can even see the potential impact of program logic changes before any changes are made. Xpediter automates the testing and debugging process within the development life cycle, so your applications move quickly into production--and stay there.

Users drive Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS sessions, either through the classic character-based 3270 panels and screens, or through the modernized Eclipse graphical user interface provided by Xpediter/Eclipse. Xpediter/Eclipse is provided at no charge within the Xpediter installation packages and supports a large subset of Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS functionality.

What’s New in Release 17.02

Compuware is pleased to announce the Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS Release 17.02, including the following enhancements:

April 1, 2019
Usability Enhancement

A user now has the option to change the JCL PROC expansion type. Extended Setup option W now allows the user to override, for the selected Xpediter profile, the installation default used for expanding JCL PROC and INCLUDE statements.

October 1, 2018
zAdviser Support

Enhanced functionality to collect Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS usage data and provide records to Enterprise Common Components to upload for use and analysis by zAdviser. zAdviser can then measure quality, velocity, and efficiency of Mainframe development. Refer to the Enterprise Common Components Advanced Configuration Guide for Release 17.02 for detailed instructions on how to enable the creation of zAdviser records.

April 3, 2018
Support for CMSC PARMLIB “Simple Deploy”

Installers want to avoid customizing CLIST, REXX, or ISPF panels, so Xpediter has implemented Compuware’s CMSC PARMLIB “Simple Deploy” feature. You can configure the CMSC PARMLIB member DDSN nnnn (initial default is DDSN00, or the specified default in your site’s CMSC start-up) with the DDNAMEs and DATASET NAMEs of all Compuware products, such as File-AID, Xpediter/TSO, Abend-AID, etc. A template DDSN00 member can be found in the Enterprise Common Components (ECC) SLCXCNTL library. This implementation requires ECC Release 17.02 with all current maintenance applied . Please refer to the Enterprise Common Components Installation and Configuration Guide for more information about using this feature.

October 2, 2017
Compuware PARMLIB Enhancement

Compuware has enhanced the Compuware PARMLIB parameter processing, including centralized parameter validation. Additionally, some parameters for the Compuware products were changed to reduce their complexity and make them easier to understand and configure. With this Cumulative Maintenance these changes have been incorporated into the sample parameter members that are supplied in the target sample library.

Enterprise Common Components (ECC) 17.02 with current maintenance applied provides a parameter migration utility to assist with updating any existing Compuware parameter members at your site. Please refer to the Enterprise Common Components Installation and Configuration Guide for more information about using this utility.

Currency Support

  IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V5.2

  IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V6.2

  IBM z/OS V2.3

  IBM z/14

  IBM IMS Transaction and Database Servers V15.

June 28, 2017

Xpediter/TSO Main Menu option “ CS CICS Connect to a CICS Region” functionality will be deprecated with the January 2018 release of Xpediter/TSO.

Due to advancements in 3270 emulators and session management, this functionality is no longer in use by customers.

April 3, 2017
Embedded Source Support

Compuware Shared Services (CSS) can now provide Embedded Source Support (ESS), allowing DDIO information to be stored directly in a program’s load module. For more information, see the Enterprise Common Components Release Notes .

July 1, 2016
Installation & Customization
Support for CMSC PARMLIB

Compuware provides the Compuware Mainframe Services Controller (CMSC) facility to centralize common parameter library services. This facility will replace the options specified in previous releases in the Configuration Module and the parameters specified at Xpediter startup.

Currency Support

  IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V6.1

  IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V5.1

  IBM IMS Transaction and Database Servers V14.

Software and Hardware Requirements

The Software and Hardware Requirements can be found in the Xpediter/TSO and Xpediter/IMS Installation and Configuration Guide.

Technical Notes

There are no technical notes at this time.

Known Issues

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