Natural Program Activity

An unoptimized Natural 4GL program is interpreted by the Natural nucleus programs. Without Strobe for Adabas/Natural, Strobe shows execution and wait time as occurring in these nucleus programs. Strobe for Adabas/Natural determines, when the nucleus is active, the identity of any Natural 4GL program and statement being interpreted.

An optimized Natural 4GL program contains machine instructions that are directly executable by the CPU. Optimization permits the conversion of many Natural language statements directly to machine code, thus requiring much less support from the Natural nucleus. Strobe for Adabas/Natural identifies activity by statement number in optimized Natural 4GL programs.

Strobe presents the following Natural performance data:

   Program name  Natural 4GL program name or .NATURAL.

   Library name, database ID, and file number  the library name, Adabas database ID, and Adabas file number of the Natural program library.

   CICS Transaction ID  if CICS, the name of the CICS transaction under which the Natural nucleus executed. (Strobe for CICS is required to see CICS data.)

   For Natural statements using Natural for DB2 to access data—the database request module (DBRM) name associated with the program, its creation date, and any related SQL statement numbers. (Strobe for DB2 is required to see DB2 data.)

   Release compiled  release of the Natural nucleus under which the Natural 4GL program was compiled.

   Statement number  Natural 4GL program statement number.

   Statement text  Natural 4GL program statement text (if the program was indexed).

Strobe reports any execution in the Natural nucleus that cannot be assigned to a Natural 4GL program under the pseudo-4GL name .NATURAL.

Strobe assigns initialization activity in a Natural 4GL program that cannot be attributed to a Natural statement to the pseudo-activity .INIT, which appears in the STATEMENT NUMBER field.

Strobe assigns activity in an optimized Natural 4GL program that cannot be assigned to a specific Natural statement number to the pseudo-activity .OPTZ, which appears in the STATEMENT NUMBER field.