The following releases of Compuware Products have been verified for compatibility with IBM's z13 processors. The releases documented are the known minimum requirements. See Compuware’s Day One announcement here

Software Release PTF's Required
Abend-AID 12.04.00 None
Abend-AID for CICS 12.04.00 None
Compuware Enterprise Services (CES) 05.02.00 None
DevEnterprise 05.03.00 None
File-AID Data Privacy 10.02.00 None
File-AID for DB2 10.02.00 None
File-AID for IMS 10.02.00 None
File-AID/Data Solutions 10.02.00 None
File-AID/EX 05.03.01 None
File-AID MVS 10.02.00 None
File-AID/RDX 10.02.00 None
Host Communication Interface (HCI) 03.00.00 None
Hiperstation(s) 08.00.01 None
iStrobe 05.02.00 None
License Management System (LMS) 04.00.00 None
Shared Services (CSS) 09.00.00 None
Strobe 05.02.00 None
Topaz 05.00.00 None
Compuware Workbench 05.00.00 None
Xpediter/CICS 09.04.00 None
Xpediter/Code Coverage 03.01.00 None
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.04.00 None
Xpediter/Xchange 05.00.00 None


The preceding information is for informational purposes only and is subject to change or withdrawal by Compuware at any time.

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