The following table is intended to display the initial maintenance available to provide Day 1 support for IMS v15.1. For maintenance made available after this publication, please select a product link below to access Compuware's Frontline available maintenance or contact Customer Support directly.

Product Release PTF's Required Notes
Abend-AID 17.02.xx PTF AAF185Y  
Abend-AID 16.05.xx PTF AAE183Y  
Abend-AID 12.04.xx PTF AAD417Y Abend-AID 12.04 is the minimum release to support IMS 15.1
Abend-AID for CICS 17.02.xx None  
Abend-AID for CICS 16.05.xx None  
Abend-AID for CICS 12.04.xx None  
Compuware Topaz / MMC N/A None The Workbench itself has no OS compatibility issues. See Companion product release information such as File-AID/MVS or Xpediter/TSO
COPE 4.4.14 None There are no known issues
DevEnterprise and Compuware Program Analyzer 05.03.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 17.02.xx None Toleration support will be added if problems are found and exploitation if necessary. There are no known issues.
File-AID for IMS 16.03.xx None Toleration support will be added if problems are found. There are no known issues.
File-AID for IMS 10.02.xx None Not tested
File-AID for IMS 10.01.xx None Not tested
Hiperstation All Product Offerings 08.00.xx None  
Strobe 18.02.xx None Support is included in the base release. No PTF will be required.
Strobe 17.02.xx PTF SBF292  
Strobe 16.03.xx PTF SBE294  
Strobe 05.02.xx No Support Support will not be provided in this release.
Xpediter/CICS 17.02.xx PTF PA0134* PTFs were included in the October 2017 cumulative maintenance and are already available on Frontline.
Xpediter/CICS 16.05.xx PTF XD*P063  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 17.02.xx None  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 16.05.xx None  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.04.xx None  
Xpediter/Xchange 17.02.xx PTF PA01497  
Xpediter/Xchange 05.00.xx PTF XGB0054  
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