The following table is intended to display the initial fixes available to provide Day 1 support for IMS v14 and is not maintained. For maintenance made available after this publication, please select a product link below to access Compuware's Frontline available maintenance or contact Customer Support directly.

Product Release PTF's Required Notes
Abend-AID 12.04.xx PTF AAD054Y  
Abend-AID 12.03.xx PTF AAB372Y  
Abend-AID for CICS 12.04.xx None  
Abend-AID for CICS 12.03.xx None  
Compuware Topaz / MMC N/A None The Workbench itself has no /OS compatibility issues. See Companion product release information such as File-AID/MVS or Xpediter/TSO
DevEnterprise and Compuware Program Analyzer 05.03.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 16.03.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 10.02.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 10.01.xx None  
Hiperstation All Product Offerings 08.00.xx None  
Strobe 16.03.xx None  
Strobe 05.02.xx PTF SBC017A  
Strobe 05.01.xx PTF SBB178A  
Strobe 04.04.xx PTF SBA270A  
Xpediter/CICS 09.04.xx PTF XD*O067  
Xpediter/CICS 09.03.xx PTF XD*N109  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.04.xx None  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.03.xx None  
Xpediter/Xchange 05.00.xx PTF XGB0038  
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