Support for IBM’s z/OS RSU

IBM’s Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) is a preventative service philosophy that is used by Compuware products during design, development and testing of our software solutions.

Each development and test LPAR that Compuware uses during our development and testing phases are based upon a specific RSU level as listed in the table below:

  • Each year, on a six month interval, the RSU maintenance level of our development and testing LPARs will be updated to a set RSU level. Specifically, this is set to:
    • RSUxx02+ about May 1 of the year
    • RSUxx08+ about Nov 1 of the year
  • The z/OS operating system and the most current GA level of CICS, DB2, IMS, WAS and WebSphere MQ will be at or above this target RSU level.
  • Each of the currently supported levels of IBM Enterprise COBOL and PL/1 for z/OS is service updated monthly

Support for IBM’s EAV

IBM’s Extended Address Volumes (EAV) allows DASD storage volumes to be defined that are greater than 65,520 cylinders

Compuware products have been enabled to support EAV volumes of both the 262,668 (223GB) size introduced in z/OS V1.10, 11, 12 and also the 1TB size introduced in z/OS V1.13 (or 1.12 with SPE).

Support for DB2 for z/OS

Compuware continues to test our products for DB2 for z/OS in both CM and NFM modes of operation.

However, due to the transient nature of DB2 tables and control blocks during each sub-phase of ENFM, Compuware does not routinely test our products running in ENFM mode. Hence, our products may or may not work correctly in ENFM mode. If an ENFM issue is encountered, Compuware will use current commercial efforts to determine if a fix can be provided and if so, provide a resolution to our customers.

z/OS Product Compatibility

All currently marketed z/OS products have been tested on various IBM System z hardware platforms and applications running in both 31 and 64-bit MODE. This includes all current System z hardware including (but not limited to) z800, z900, z890, z990, z9-EC & z9-BC, z10, z196, z114, zEC12, zBC12, z13 and the new z14 & z14 ZR1 processors.

Please see: for z/OS releases no longer supported by IBM.

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