IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CTS) 5.3 Support

The following table includes the initial fixes available to provide Day 1 support for CTS 5.3. For fixes made available after Day 1, please search Compuware Frontline's fixes or contact Customer Support.

Product Release PTF's Required Notes
Abend-AID for CICS 12.04.xx ( Important Notes: Be sure to review the readme.txt file within the .zip file for instructions  
CSS All supported releases1 None  
DevEnterprise and Compuware Program Analyzer 05.03.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 16.03.xx None  
File-AID for IMS 10.02.xx None  
Strobe 16.03.xx PTF SBE145A  
Strobe 05.02.xx PTFs SBC245A & SBC249A  
Xpediter/CICS 09.04.xx Support for CTS 5.3 is available via new FMID SMXD940 with Xpediter/CICS 9.4 RFN delivery effective December 11, 2015. If you ordered Xpediter/CICS 9.4 prior to December 11, 2015 please reorder. Note that only RFN delivery will be available on December 11, 2015, Media browser delivery availability is tbd. Important Note: In addition to the new FMID and media, PTF XD*O078 is also required and should be applied to the Xpediter/CICS 9.4 FMID's already installed.  
Xpediter/Xchange 05.00.xx PTF XGB0047  


1 Current, fully supported Compuware product releases that have not reached End of Support (EOS) date.

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