The following table is intended to display the initial fixes available to provide Day 1 support for COBOL v5.1.1 and is not maintained. For fixes made available after Day 1, please search Compuware Frontline's fixes or contact Customer Support.

Important Notice: Support for COBOL 5.1.1 requires all maintenance created for COBOL 5.1.0 and the desired Compuware product. Please see COBOL 5.1.0 Compatibility Chart to confirm preparation.

Product Release PTF's Required Notes
Abend-AID 12.03.xx PTF AAB202Y
PTF ACB202Y (AA Common)
Abend-AID for CICS 12.03.xx PTF CFB202J
PTF ACB202Y (AA Common)
Compuware Workbench/MMC 04.00.00 None  
Compuware Workbench/MMC 03.02.09 None  
CSS 09.00.xx PTF CXQ0162
DevEnterprise and Compuware Program Analyzer 05.03.xx None  
File-AID/Data Solutions All supported releases1 None  
File-AID for DB2 All supported releases1 None  
File-AID/EX All supported releases1 None  
File-AID for IMS All supported releases1 None  
File-AID MVS All supported releases1 None  
File-AID/RDX All supported releases1 None  
Strobe 05.01.xx None  
Strobe 04.04.xx None  
Strobe 04.03.xx None  
Xpediter/CICS 09.03.xx None  
Xpediter/CICS 09.02.xx None  
Xpediter/Code Coverage 03.01.00 None  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.03.xx None  
Xpediter/TSO and IMS 09.02.xx None  
Xpediter/Xchange 05.00.xx None  


1 Current, fully supported Compuware product releases that have not reached End of Support (EOS) date.

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