For over 35 years, Compuware has been delivering solutions that add economic value to a wide variety of businesses. As IBM introduces new technologies, Compuware always looks at how we can help organizations exploit these changes. In recent years, IBM has provided specialty engines to help IT lower the total cost of operation (TCO). First introduced was the IFL engine to offload Linux workloads from the central processor (CP); later came the zAAP and zIIP specialty engines to offload Java and DB2 workloads. These engines help lower the software costs associated with upgrading CPs by using the engine to handle more workload -- thus helping to defer upgrades. Since their introduction, many organizations have taken advantage of running work in the "free" zIIP, zAAP, and IFL specialty engines.

As the use of these hardware assists increases, Compuware will provide solutions to the challenges that clients face in this new workspace. We already have products that support the new zIIP and zAAP engines. For example, Strobe, our Application Performance solution, supports Java running in these environments, and can provide metrics on zIIP and zAAP workload utilization. We are currently evaluating other solutions to help leverage and manage workloads/applications in these environments.

Since performance is one of IT's top concerns, Compuware is enhancing our Vantage solution to support performance analysis in the z/Linux environment. This will extend our unique ability to help solve application performance issues independent of platform or environment. Whether mainframe or distributed, our technologies are recognized as being the most comprehensive performance and trouble-solving solutions in the marketplace.

As IBM extends z/OS and the new zEC12 & zBC12 series hardware platform, Compuware is committed to developing new cross-platform solutions that support our clients across the complete application life cycle. In addition, our Compuware 2.0 initiative, which is all about reconnecting and partnering with our mainframe clients to deliver more economic value, is completely aligned to IBM's strategy of reducing the TCO of running applications on the mainframe.

To help individual clients pinpoint any TCO issues, Compuware offers a unique Value Office usage-collection service that is free. The Value Office looks at how our solutions are utilized at a client site, helps tailor and deliver appropriate training, and measures improved utilization and derived value. Clients are typically delighted that we can not only demonstrate that they are getting value from their Compuware solutions, but that we also find ways to improve usage and drive even greater savings in the future.

When looking for CPU time savings, the footprint of Compuware's tools is nearly insignificant. Using data from our usage collection service, the average CPU impact of all Compuware tools is 00.7%. Compuware has a MIPS Management solution which can help clients identify the large consumers of CPU time and help to reduce the impact of long running applications and batch jobs thru tuning tips. It is more likely that significant CPU reductions will be found by tuning applications with Compuware's MIPS Management solution than by any changes in Compuware's tools to leverage the zIIP and zAAP processors.

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