z/OS, Compatibility & Supported Releases Information

Compuware Enterprise Products Supported Release Information

  • For requirements not listed here, see the Release Notes for the appropriate product.
  • The z/OS, CICS, WebSphere, Database and Other rows list environments supported when applicable.
  • CSS, where specified, is required. Not all other companion products are required, but if they are used, the specified release level is required.
  • LMS is a requirement for all Enterprise products, unless otherwise noted. See LMS for supported releases.

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ThruPut Manager Compatibility Information

Release 7.1.xx -

z/OS Versions:

ThruPut Manager is dependent on specific z/OS levels. When z/OS upgrades or JES2 maintenance is done, care must be taken to assemble the ThruPut Manager source stubs with the upgraded JES2/system macros of the target system. Please see Appendix B of the Installation Guide for more information.

The chart below indicates the minimum release of ThruPut Manager that supports the z/OS level. All TM levels are downward compatible unless indicated.

  • z/OS 2.1 TMT7101
  • z/OS 2.2 TMT7106

Please refer to TM130930 for z/OS 2.n requirement

    CICS Versions:n/a
    WebSphere Versions:n/a
    Database Versions:n/a
    Compuware Companion Products
    Required Release Levels (if used)
    and Required PTFs:

    1 Compuware Shared Services - be sure to apply all current maintenance.

    2 License Management System - be sure to apply all current maintenance.

    3 Host Communication Interface.

    4 Compuware IT Governance by Changepoint.

    5 Enterprise Common Components - be sure to apply all current maintenance.

    7 Product was rebranded from QAHiperstation to Hiperstation for VTAM, QACenter for Enterprise Servers to Hiperstation for Mainframe Servers, and QACenter for WebSphere MQ to Hiperstation for WebSphere MQ.

    9 DB2 Version 8 long object and column name support requires relationship files created with File-AID/RDX 4.3 or more current.

    10 For the Compuware Shared Services, Host Communications Interface, Base Services, and License Management System required versions of z/OS, see the Compuware companion product z/OS requirement.

    11 Support for systems running in 64-bit Real mode is limited to 31-bit applications when using z/OS releases 1.8 and earlier.

    12 Although CSS generally runs independently of the operating system, it is impacted by new releases of the compilers shipped. Please check for any required PTFs located in the last column on this chart.

    13 LMS 4.0 will operate on all releases of z/OS currently supported by IBM. LMS may run on earlier releases of the operating system even though they are no longer supported by IBM. If you are running one of these releases, contact Compuware Customer Support.

    14 Xpediter/Code Coverage and Xpediter/Eclipse support the OS/390 and z/OS operating environments for Xpediter/TSO, Xpediter/IMS, and Xpediter/CICS.

    15 Abend-AID Fault Manager requires java Runtime Environment to perform rules processing on the mainframe.

    16 See the Release Notes for additional requirements to run Oracle 10g client

    17 File-AID for DB2 executes in a DB2 Version 9 environment in either compatibility mode or new function mode without exploiting all new DB2 Version 9 features.

    18 Hiperstation for VTAM requires the specified version of DB2 to use the File Manager for CICS feature for testing DB2 applications. File Manager for CICS provides toleration mode support for DB2 6.1 and 7.1.

    19 CSS provides support for the lowest level of CICS and CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 and more current supported by the Abend-AID for CICS and Xpediter/CICS products.

    20 EAV support will not be available until release 09.02.00.

    21 z/OS 1.7 or above, File-AID/MVS 8.9.5 or higher is required to support DSNTYPE=LARGE datasets

    22 If going to CTS 5.1, please review PTF XDPM042

    23 For upgrades of CICS, see 'Reinstallation After CICS Upgrade' in the Installation Guide.

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